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President Message

Kelly Bruen

DAMA-RMC President
January 2024

Thank you for your interest in DAMA-RMC. We're excited to foster the local data management community in the Rocky Mountain Region through exciting events, professional education and development, and meaningful connections among data professionals and people passionate about data. We welcome you to join our community as a guest, become a member, or explore corporate sponsorship and patronage opportunities. No matter how you participate, we hope you find value in your engagement with DAMA-RMC.  

Board of Directors

Kelly Bruen, President

Megan Allen, VP Community

Bob Conway, VP Administration

Cher Fox, VP Marketing

Jason Horner, VP Professional Development

Anna Hostrawser, VP Data & Technology 

Alex Langhorne, VP Finance & Administration 

Anni Proctor, VP Membership & Partnerships

Michael Pugh, VP Programs & Event Operations

Greg Sheridan, VP Partnerships & Sponsorships

DAMA-RMC believes in diversity, equity, and inclusion and we are against discrimination in any form.

We always have and will continue to welcome all people in our community. Diverse experiences and perspectives create a richer learning environment and community.  The desire to learn about data management best practices or contribute experience and ideas for the benefit of others is the common affinity of DAMA-RMC. Everyone is welcome to take part and contribute. 


The DAMA-RMC Board

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